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By the early 2000s Broadie resolved to start amassing it himself. Of the game’s many riddles the first one he hoped to untangle was what separated an elite player from an 80-shooter such as himself and an 80-shooter from a 90-shooter and so on across all levels of the game.

Woods was ahead of his time when it came to emphasizing fitness and strength. This February he recounted his legendary workout routines of old. “Well I used to get up in the morning run four miles” Woods said at the Valspar. “Then I’d go to the gym do my lift.

Just as a top instructor like Pat Goss could draw on the data to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in Luke Donald’s game and devise a practice strategy that maximized the former and minimized the latter (focusing on Donald’s wedge game turned out to be key in his rise to number one in the World Golf Rankings) so could a weekend duffer discover in the numbers a vital lesson about expectations.

“Because I didn’t know how much I was going to be playing. I was just trying to play. So next year I have a better understanding of what I need to do and this off-season will be very different than it was last year.”

According to the PGA Tour’s Strength of Field Regulation if a player plays 25 events in a season he need not add any new events to his playing schedule. If he plays less than 25 then that player must play add a start to his schedule that he hasn’t played in the last four years. The Tour Championship would have been the 24th event of Spieth’s season.

That press-conference mentions of Broadie are increasingly common doesn’t stop him from marveling at them. “When I got started on all this I figured I’d publish a few papers and that would be it” he says. “I wasn’t thinking about getting attention from it. It was an academic pursuit in the purest sense. I was after knowledge for knowledge’s sake.”

Broadie’s first subject was his head pro Diffley an accomplished player and former winner of the Met Open. Broadie asked to join him for a round. Their first 18 together gave way to multiple outings each of which followed the same routine: Diffley would hit shots and Broadie scribbling in a scale-model course map would note exactly where each one settled.

“Was in control of my destiny and just didn’t have it this week.”— Jordan Spieth who after a T-55 finish that left him out of the top 30 in the FedEx Cup standings and out of the Tour Championship for the first time in his career. Another oh-so-close final round. El Tigre went out in 31 and clawed within one shot of the lead before slipping into a tie for 6th.

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