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September 18th, 2018 by Nino Padovano | Posted under Drivers.
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Take the par-three eighth where he’d now arrived. At 145 yards the hole ranks as the easiest at Pelham but it has a history of giving Broadie trouble. In 2005 the year he started cataloging his own rounds Broadie played it 18 times always with a nine-iron but only hit the green on a third of those occasions.

It is 81 degrees with a wind from the northwest at nine miles per hour. Broadie knows this. He’s checked a weather app. The hole is a 462-yard par-5 uphill gentle dogleg. The percentage play is a driver up the right. Broadie knows this too because when it comes to golf-related facts and figures there aren’t a lot of things he doesn’t know.

To wit: If you’re inclined to throw a club after failing to stuff an approach from 150 yards get over yourself; the average Tour pro leave from that distance is 23 feet.

Keegan Bradley wasn’t even sure he wanted to play Monday’s final round at the BMW Championship. “Truthfully I was really fixated on making the Tour Championship and I kind of knew if we didn’t play today I was in it” he said.

Bradley’s pull-hook drive on the 18 hole of regulation which sailed so wildly left it wound up in a trampled down area of turf—a good lie with a good view of the green. Rose’s approach on the 18th in the playoff which ricocheted off the grandstand and settled in a good lie just right of the green.

It sounds like that routine will continue through the offseason. “What you do in the off-season is what allows you to maintain it through the year especially on the backside of the year and I really didn’t train for all this” Woods said.

With strokes gained Broadie was able to set the data straight by placing it in proper context. It allowed him to measure a player’s performance against the rest of the field while providing an isolated view of specific aspects of their game.

Although Broadie declines to discuss the details of his dealings with the club maker he’s comfortable saying that his data-based projections of future performance helped solidify the company’s decision to sign Jon Rahm to an endorsement deal.

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