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That’s one view. As Broadie sees it how critical a factor his flatstick was is impossible to know because there are no detailed records of his matches. Which brings us to the crux of his golf-research career.

“For me it wasn’t that bad because they didn’t know who I was” he said of the spectators. “They didn’t have any dirt on me or anything like that. But for Rory yeah it was pretty hostile. They shouted stuff at him that you shouldn’t shout at anybody anywhere.”

“Of course every golfer has their own DNA with different strengths and weaknesses” Broadie says. “But the basic idea is that if you tell me your median leave from 150 I can tell you how good you are.”

It sounds like that routine will continue through the offseason. “What you do in the off-season is what allows you to maintain it through the year especially on the backside of the year and I really didn’t train for all this” Woods said.

Furyk was scheduled to announce the pick Monday morning but when thunderstorms rained out the final round on Sunday Furyk’s announcement was postponed. At 4:45 p.m. it arrived on Twitter.

On a sticky end-of-summer New York afternoon Mark Broadie stands on the first tee at Pelham Country Club a rare occurrence for him of late. As the go-to guy in golf analytics Broadie keeps so busy crunching other people’s numbers he doesn’t have time to post his own.

With strokes gained Broadie was able to set the data straight by placing it in proper context. It allowed him to measure a player’s performance against the rest of the field while providing an isolated view of specific aspects of their game.

Rose’s four-foot par bid in the playoff which skirted the hole on the low side leaving Bradley with a tap-in for the win. Rory McIlroy who led the field in strokes gained pretty much everything except with his flatstick. In the final round the longest putt he made was from five feet.

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