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August 31st, 2018 by Nino Padovano | Posted under Rangefinders.
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“For me it wasn’t that bad because they didn’t know who I was” he said of the spectators. “They didn’t have any dirt on me or anything like that. But for Rory yeah it was pretty hostile. They shouted stuff at him that you shouldn’t shout at anybody anywhere.”

Broadie’s revelations exposed the flaws in other of the game’s more stubborn assumptions. Drive for show and putt for dough? Maybe sometimes. But on average the strokes-gained-putting differential between a golfer who shoots 70 and one who shoots 80 is a relevant pittance (1.5 strokes) compared to

Standing too far from the ball and employing an excessively strong left-hand grip Broadie became a master of the screaming hook. Compounding his problems was that he a natural lefty had learned to play with righty clubs and never switched.

“Because I didn’t know how much I was going to be playing. I was just trying to play. So next year I have a better understanding of what I need to do and this off-season will be very different than it was last year.”

When asked for comment by Monday the PGA Tour offered: Spieth it seems has come to grips with his predicament. After a lackluster 73 Monday morning he spoke with reporters and is ready for whatever punishment may come.

It’s a very sensible rule and the penalties should be much steeper. Steph Curry and LeBron go to every NBA city no matter how bad the home team is. It badly hurts the Tour product that the stars skip half the tournaments each year. The Tour would be much better off with only 25 tournaments a year instead of 40+.

Take the par-three eighth where he’d now arrived. At 145 yards the hole ranks as the easiest at Pelham but it has a history of giving Broadie trouble. In 2005 the year he started cataloging his own rounds Broadie played it 18 times always with a nine-iron but only hit the green on a third of those occasions.

Nor could Pieters resist a jab at the Minnesota faithful and their tolerance for alcohol. “Maybe that’s because they sell beer at 7am and Americans can’t drink” he said. “But to be honest you don’t really hear the words most of the time. It’s just a big wall of noise.”

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