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To wit: If you’re inclined to throw a club after failing to stuff an approach from 150 yards get over yourself; the average Tour pro leave from that distance is 23 feet.

Broadie’s research has paid dividends for Broadie too in his work as a GOLF columnist (p. 28) and a FoxSports consultant interpreting stats for U.S. Open broadcasts; and as a consigliere for TaylorMade.

Because Spieth didn’t qualify for East Lake he will violate the PGA Tour’s scheduling rule that mandates Tour members either play a new tournament (one they haven’t played in four years) or tee it up in 25-plus events. Spieth has done neither in the 2017-18 season.

Woods was ahead of his time when it came to emphasizing fitness and strength. This February he recounted his legendary workout routines of old. “Well I used to get up in the morning run four miles” Woods said at the Valspar. “Then I’d go to the gym do my lift.

Bradley was right. Based on the 54-hole standings he was in position to secure the 30th and final spot in the season finale edging out No. 31 Jordan Spieth in the process.

“Longest straightest. And the best iron player on tour. At the Ryder Cup course the emphasis will be on accuracy. He’d be a great pick to add foursomes options to the the US Team. Which they need.”

“Of course every golfer has their own DNA with different strengths and weaknesses” Broadie says. “But the basic idea is that if you tell me your median leave from 150 I can tell you how good you are.”

Among the records he keeps in his office at Columbia are computerized logs of many of his rounds replete with scores and shot-dispersion patterns — handy information for a guy who likes to have a plan for every hole.

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