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September 17th, 2018 by Santa Giordano | Posted under Drivers.
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Finau has played steady golf all season unable to win but notching 11 top 10s along the way including one Monday after a finishin 65. Finau quickly took center stage on the U.S. Ryder Cup Twitter account.

Again I stand with Joe. It’s a sensible and needed rule. It’s odd that the person who got caught in its netting is the most affable well-rounded and caring player among the big names. But even Spieth must understand that a rule is a rule and this is a needed one.

Pieters ever a fiery on-course presence (we last checked in with him after he snapped his putter in two) apparently didn’t think much of the setup at Hazeltine National in Chaska Minn. nor of the American fans heckling from beyond the ropes.

That reputation stems from Broadie’s pioneering data-driven research which began nearly two decades back inspired by what you might call his golf obsession and which continues to this day. Drawn from his analysis of millions of golf shots struck by pros and amateurs alike that research has yielded insights with farther-reaching implications than Broadie himself ever foresaw.

First adopted by the PGA Tour in 2011 “strokes gained” Broadie’s breakthrough analytics tool has become a fixture in golf’s Moneyball age. Though he was not alone in seeing the shortcomings of old-saw categories such as greens-in-regulation and putts-per-round (which beyond being unhelpful can be outright misleading) he was the first to do something about it.

“We’ve had a lot of rain so there’s not a lot of roll” Broadie says. “And unless I’m getting roll I can’t reach the green in two. But I try to get my second shot close for an easy up and down.”

Since his last win Bradley has gotten married. He’s had a child. He’s gone from rookie upstart to Tour veteran. But he’s never stopped caring; that much was clear as he thrust his arms into the sky upon his final putt dropping on Monday.

Standing too far from the ball and employing an excessively strong left-hand grip Broadie became a master of the screaming hook. Compounding his problems was that he a natural lefty had learned to play with righty clubs and never switched.

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