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Golf Pride Mcc

  • Camelia Conti
  • September 18th, 2018
  • Drivers
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    He made the cut at both the U.S. Open (T41) and British Open (T39) so he knows what it feels like to be around for the weekend in a major. Don’t be surprised to see this Fox go crazy at the PGA.

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    (@Jeff_Ritter)DJ would be my favorite too. Weekends like the one he just had in Canada make me wonder How does that guy ever lose? But Tiger is on the short list for Firestone. I think a non-major win is far more likely to happen for Woods before one of the big ones and if he’s able to pull it off this week it would give him a tremendous boost heading into Bellerive. And for the record I still have him slated to win the Hero World Challenge this December…and then look out 2019 Masters!

    The first seven names in the current standings will be on the team even if any of them somehow get bumped out of the top eight. Tiger and Phil are locks too so that leaves three spots.

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    You split the baby because you have no other choices. The governing bodies want to reward effort in the map-making department. It will be hard to enforce but the players need to do that more than the officials. It’s a work in progress.

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    I’ll always think of him as a savvy negotiator (witness the mega-TV contract he nailed down for the Ryder Cup with NBC). In terms of challenges there’s the matter of boosting the PGA Championship to the status of something more than the afterthought major and of finding the right venues for the newly rejiggered schedule.

    Gallery of Golf Pride Mcc

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