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In time he self-corrected whittling his scores into the 80s which still wasn’t good enough to make his high school team. In college at Cornell he played sporadically and then more frequently while earning a Ph.D. in applied mathematics at Stanford an institution blessed with a friendly year-round climate and a killer campus course.

Their combined influence on golf have been likened to the sway of sabermetrics over baseball changing how Tour pros play and practice how coaches coach how caddies caddie.

By the early 2000s Broadie resolved to start amassing it himself. Of the game’s many riddles the first one he hoped to untangle was what separated an elite player from an 80-shooter such as himself and an 80-shooter from a 90-shooter and so on across all levels of the game.

Just as a top instructor like Pat Goss could draw on the data to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in Luke Donald’s game and devise a practice strategy that maximized the former and minimized the latter (focusing on Donald’s wedge game turned out to be key in his rise to number one in the World Golf Rankings) so could a weekend duffer discover in the numbers a vital lesson about expectations.

Others operating in a similar mindset include the Molinari brothers Francesco and Edoardo Jordan Spieth’s swing guru Cameron McCormick and Rickie Fowler’s caddie Joe Skovron to cite a few of the many with whom Broadie has worked.

Tiger Woods has two tournaments left in his season: the Tour Championship and the Ryder Cup. After that? Woods already has a plan in mind. And it features the gym.

Though Finau was a favorite for the pick there was plenty of public debate that included Xander Schauffele and BMW Champion Keegan Bradley. While Finau’s lacked in the victory column he did finish second three times.

If Broadie’s current status was somewhat unexpected there were inklings in his childhood of where his life might lead. Raised in suburban New Jersey the son of an accountant and a homemaker Broadie excelled in school and enjoyed a range of sports.

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