Best Fairway Woods 2016

September 16th, 2018 by Delinda Toscani | Posted under Drivers.
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The ranking began in April 1986 and Bernhard Langer had the honor of being the first player ever to be ranked No. 1 a title he held for three weeks. Since then 21 other players have laid claim to the top spot. Here’s the full list with career weeks at No. 1 in parenthesis:

But even Broadie needs a break from analyzing other golfers. As the afternoon wore on at Pelham the performance of most interest to him was his own. Despite a rusty swing he was getting along nicely aided by a strategy rooted in sound data.

All that was news to Bradley who revealed in his post-round presser that he thought the final pick happened after the Tour Championship. “Listen I wasn’t on their radar before this. I still probably have to go win Atlanta and even then I don’t know” he said. “Who knows if I go win Atlanta or do something great maybe I’ll catch the eye of the guys.”

What was going on at Pelham was also happening at dozens of New York area courses. With help from colleagues graduate students and computer programmers Broadie was collecting and collating detailed information on amateur-player-reported shots around the region — more than 100000 before all was said and done. Around the same time the PGA Tour’s ShotLink system launched in 2003 was filling up with data from the game’s best players.

But he’s hardly neglected the weight room this year. Take Sunday for instance a supposed off-day when the BMW’s fourth round was postponed. How did Woods spend his day? “I lifted twice and I got some treatment” he said. “And I watched a ton of football.”

The simple answer of course was that better players carded lower scores. But what enabled them to do so? Their distance o the tee? Their deadliness with wedges? Their limited numbers of balls lost in the woods? Organized around such questions a groundbreaking research project was born.

His scoring average was 3.22. Intent on improving Broadie scoured his records and noticed a pattern: nearly all of his misses were short of the green. Lesson learned. Time to swap the 9-iron for a three-quarter 8.

Nor could Pieters resist a jab at the Minnesota faithful and their tolerance for alcohol. “Maybe that’s because they sell beer at 7am and Americans can’t drink” he said. “But to be honest you don’t really hear the words most of the time. It’s just a big wall of noise.”

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